Commander Royal Cambodian Air Force

General Soeung Samnang is the Commander of Royal Cambodian Air Force, RCAF Headquarters in Phnom Penh. He took up the appointment on January 24, 1999 having previously helped the appointment of Deputy-Commander of RCAF in Air Force Headquarters, Pochentong. General Soeung Samnang was born on August 05, 1954 and comes from Kompong Chhnang province. He was educated at Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

General Samnang joined the Cambodian Armed Forces on March 01, 1979. Then he was sent to study in former USSR in 1980, at Serova Flight Training Academy, Krasnoda Region, as an Academy Officer Cadet. In 1982 he commenced his pilot training at Kushow Air Base and was awarded his Wings in 1984. Following initial training General Samnang flew the jet fighter MiG-21 BIS.

Since 1984 he commenced a four-year exchange training with No 935 Air Regiment, 370 Air Division at Bien Hoa Air Base, Republic Socialist of Viet Nam. In 1986 he completed a Fighter Instructors Course and he was promoted to be a Tactical Fighter Squadron Leader.

In 1987 he attended the Air Command and Staff College, Viet Nam Air Force. Before returning from Republic Socialist of Viet Nam, in 1988, he was appointed as No 701 Air Regiment Commander.

In 1989 General Samnang successfully leaded and moved the No. 701 Air Regiment from Bien Hoa Air Base, Republic Socialist of Viet Nam to Pochentong Military Air Base, Cambodia.

In 1990 he enjoyed one year as a Vice-Chief of Air Force, Air Defense, and Civil aviation Department in charge of Flight Safety and Air Operations. From 1991 to 1993 General Samnang was posted to Department of Civil Aviation and took up the appointment of Deputy-General Director. After 1993 General Election in Cambodia, he was transferred to the RCAF Headquarters again and appointed as the Deputy-Chief of Staff of RCAF.

In 1995 he attended the Bulgarian Air Force Academy, G. Benkoski, and IAI Training Center Ben Gurion, Israel. On returning to Cambodia, Lt. General Samnang was appointed the Deputy-Commander of Royal Cambodian Air force. At the beginning of 1997 he attended the Program of Joint Armed Forces Course in Cambodian Military Institute.

On January 1999 General Samnang was appointed as Commander of Royal Cambodian Air Force, RCAF Headquarters, Pochentong, Phnom Penh.

General Soeung Samnang is married to Mrs. Ou Sethiry. They have two daughters, Putheany and Saomonich, and a son, Puthineath.

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