14th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference 2017 Philippines

4th ASEAN Air Force Education and Training Workshop, Manila Philippines February 28th – March 4th 2017

13th AACC 2016 Indonesia AAFET-WG Jakarta, May 9Th– 12Th, 2016

Bilateral Talks

Borobudur Temple Visit

3rd ASEAN Air Force Education and Training Workshop

12th AACC 2015 Cambodia

11th AACC 2014 Myanmar

10th AACC 2013 Lao

9th AACC 2012  Malaysia

8th AACC 2011 Thailand

7th AACC 2010 Vietnam

6th AACC 2009 Brunei

5th AACC 2008 Singapore

4th AACC 2007 Philippines

3rd AACC 2006 Indonesia

2nd AACC 2005 Malaysia

1st AACC 2004 Thailand

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