General Events

The Royal Brunei Air Force (RBAirF) will host the 16th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference from 02 – 05 September 2019. Prior to the 16th AACC, the RBAirF hosted the 6th AAFET-WG Meeting from 19 – 24 August 2019. The outcome of the meeting shall be reported at the 16th AACC. The programme for the 16th AACC also includes a round of Fellowship Golf, a cultural tour of Singapore’s attractions, and a Gala Dinner to formally conclude the 16th AACC.

0800H Arrival of Guests at Brunei International Airport
1400H Bilateral Meeting at Business Centre, Empire Hotel and Country Club
1630H Bilateral Meeting expected to conclude
1930H Depart for Welcoming Reception
1945H Arrival at Horizon Seafood Restaurant
1950H Photo Session
2000H Dinner at Horizon Seafood Restaurant
2200H Executive Time
0730H Arrival of ASEAN Air Chiefs and Delegates at Indera Kayangan Ball Room, Empire Hotel and Country Club
0745H Arrival of the Guest of Honour, Major General Pengiran Dato Paduka Seri Aminan bin Pengiran Haji Mahmud, Commander of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces
Recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah
0750H Welcoming Address by Brigadier General (U) Dato Seri Pahlawan Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sahat, Commander of the Royal Brunei Air Force
0755H Keynote Address by the Guest of Honour
0805H Introductory Session of all Air Chiefs to the Guest of Honour
0825H Photo Session
0855H “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Defence Innovation Beyond the Tip of the Spear” by Ms Zoe Stanley Lockman, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies
0915H “Australian Army Unmanned Aerial Systems” by Lieutenant Colonel Keirin Joyce, Australian Defence Force
0935H Presentation of Conference Agenda
0940H Presentation by ASEAN Air Chiefs
1030H Break
1040H Presentation by ASEAN Air Chiefs resume
1130H Break
1140H Highlights of the 6th AAFET by Colonel (U) Abdul Rahman bin Haji Durahman, Deputy Commander of the Royal Brunei Air Force
1150H Any Other Business
1205H Handover of ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference Chairmanship
1215H Acceptance Speech and Video by 17th AACC Hosting Country
1225H Signing of 16th AACC Minutes
1255H Luncheon at Indera Pura Lounge
1340H Luncheon ends
1355H Depart for Courtesy Call to Minister of Defence II
1415H Arrival at Ministry of Defence
1430H Courtesy Call to Minister of Defence II
ASEAN Air Chiefs Commemorative Tree Planting Ceremony at Rimba Air Base, Royal Brunei Air Force
River Cruise
Bilateral Meeting
1940H Depart for Gala Night at Royal Berkshire Hall, Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club
2000H Arrival of ASEAN Air Chiefs and Spouses
2010H Photo Session
2015H Dinner
2115H Speech
2130H Momento Presentation
0600H 16th AACC Fellowship Golf – Depart Accommodation
0605H Arrive at Clubhouse, Empire Hotel and Country Club
0610H Breakfast
0630H Photo Session and Game Format Briefing
0645H Tee – Off
1100H Lunch and Prize Presentation
1230H Executive Programme