15th ASEAN AIR CHIEFS CONFERENCE Strengthening Friendships and Enhancing Regional Security


The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will host the 15th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference in Singapore from 01 September to 03 September 2018 with the theme ‘Strengthening Friendships and Enhancing Regional Security’. It underscores the value of a united ASEAN Air Force, with the advantageous capability of providing mutual support and information sharing, which are vital to promoting regional stability and security in the face of natural disasters and the growing threat of terrorism.


• To build mutual understanding in the various aspects

• To serve the common interests of all in the region

• To share knowledge, experience and related information

• To narrow existing capacity gaps

• To harmonize the control procedures in quick response to any threats


The ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference was established as a platform in enhancing peace and stability in the region, and in promoting greater integration and partnership among the ASEAN Air Forces. It also serves as useful platform for the ASEAN Air Force Chiefs to meet regularly to discuss issues of common professional interests.

AACC Hosting Timeline

The Theme of ASEAN Air Chief Conference (AACC)

2004 – 2018