14th AACC

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14th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference (14th AACC)

“ASEAN Air Forces: Partnering for Change, Jointly Engaging
For Greater Peace and Security”


The Philippine Air Force will host the 14th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference in Manila on 02-07 May 2017 with the theme: “ASEAN Air Forces: Partnering for Change, Jointly Engaging for Greater Peace and Security”. This is to further discuss and explore greater potential cooperation among all members of the ASEAN Air Forces as we face changes and challenges in the ASEAN community. This theme is also in line with the ASEAN Theme: “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”.

The PAF considers the importance of partners who are jointly engaged in delivering their potentials as Air Forces in the ASEAN Region. Thus the PAF intends to expand cooperation with all ASEAN Air Forces in areas such as Education and Training, Intelligence Exchanges, Logistics and Maintenance exchanges, Air Domain Awareness Training Activities, Exchange Visit programs, and HADR.

Collectively, such potentials will strengthen the existing relation among ASEAN and promote greater peace and security in the region.


The ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference enabling objectives are as follows:

1. To build multilateral understanding and serve the common interests of the ASEAN Air Forces;

2. To share knowledge, experience and related information among the ASEAN Air Forces;

3. To validate the ASEAN Air Forces Standard Operating Procedures on Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response; and

4. To come up with a multi-year work plan for the ASEAN Air Forces.


1. The 14th AACC is a six-day event, which will be held on 02-07 May 2017. The 14th AACC activities are classified as the Formal Activities and the Social Activities.

2. The Formal Activities will include the AAFET-WG Meeting, the Call on the Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force by the visiting ASEAN Air Chiefs, the Bilateral Talks between the ASEAN Air Chiefs, the Air Force Symposium 2017 (AFS 2017), and the ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference proper. All the Formal Activities will be held at the Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila.

3. The Social Activities on the other hand will include the Spouse Program, which will take place while the Air Chiefs are having their conference; the trip to Boracay, which will happen the day after the conference proper, where the Fellowship Golf will be played; and the Gala Dinner, which will be the culminating event of the 14th AACC.

4. The Air Force Symposium, which has been among the annual pre-anniversary activities of the PAF, has been incorporated in the Formal Activities. This year’s symposium will be in line with the 14th AACC theme of “ASEAN Air Forces: Partnering for Change, Jointly Engaging for Greater Peace and Security”. Similar to the previous Air Force Symposia, the AFS 2017 will have two components – the Technical and the Substantive Components. All the ASEAN Air Chiefs and their Staff, along with the senior officials from the government, the AFP, the PAF Commanders, and the academe will be attending the Substantive Component of the AFS 2017.


Since the first meeting in 2004, the “ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference” has been a valuable forum where the ASEAN Air Chiefs collectively foster their cooperation and coordination in all potentials to maintain our Region’s peace and security. It serves as a good avenue to promote mutual trust, confidence and closer cooperation among the ASEAN Air Forces in handling security challenges, in contributing to regional peace, stability and development, as well as in the realization of the ASEAN Community through partnering for change and joint engagements.

Air Force Symposium 2017

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